T&T is skilled in software design and development, in consultancy and implementation of IT systems, and provides consulting services, such as:

  • Analysis and development of management systems.
  • Design and realization of Information Systems.
  • Design and realization of web solutions.
  • Services and solutions in Internet and Mobile field.
  • System services.
  • Business data connectivity

T&T has an excellent knowledge in application platforms in the area of Diagnostic and Maintenance of Railway System. In particular, in contexts of Work Force Management, in Computerized Maintenance Management System, in Document Management for railway plants and in Postprocessing of data acquired by diagnostic trains. Java EE platform represents the reference technology for staff training and to develop solutions.

T&T designs and develops software for PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in complex industrial structures in Italy and abroad, and it is specialized in the development of supervisory and simulation systems of industrial structures. The know-how reached in the processes (automotive, steel and chemical industry) and in the tools, allows offer of services both in consulting in the clients’ companies and in house in our laboratories in the following areas:

  • Development software for PLC (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Rockwell)
  • Development supervisory system (Wonderware InTouch 9.5, Designer 6)
  • Development of simulation system (Matlab, Spice, LogicWorks)
  • Realization of virtual measuring data-base (Labwindows, Labview)

The transport fi eld is core business of T&T. The company has an excellent knowledge of testing and validation of railway systems, analysis and risk management, defi nition of the RAMS requirements, methodologies of “safety critical” systems development. In particular, the following fi elds are indicated:

High speed & Conventional rail

The company has a signifi cant experience of National Railway Specifi cations and of European Interoperability Specifi cations, offering the following services:

  • on trackside subsystem, support to SCMT Verification & Validation, support to ERTMS L1-L2 Verifi cation & Validation, SCMT design and confi guration, ERTMS L1-L2 and underground;
  • on board subsystem, support to ERTMS L1-L2 Verification & Validation, testing and commissioning of the trains ERTMS/ETCS-SCMT-SSC-RSC.

Life cycle – System Engineering

According to EN50126-EN50128-50129, T&T works in design, realization and integration of hardware and software systems, developing the following activities:

  • Defi nition and support to the implementation of all operative phases of development processes basing on “V-model”;
  • Risk Analysis, Hazard Control, Safety Management, PHA (Preliminary Hazard Analysis), FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis), FMECA (Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis), FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) RBD (Reliability Block Diagram);
  • Specification and demonstration of RAMS requirements (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety);
  • Testing, Placing in service and Maintenance of Systems;
  • Support to the Assessment.

Safety Integrity Level

Development and application of design methodologies SIL1-SIL4.

Firmware Development

Embedded Systems are realized both through Microprocessors both through FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) for the different implemented application: Elaboration, Measuring, Control, Testing, Diagnostic and Maintenance.