Research activities are part of a specifi c business strategy in order to improve the portfolio of the company offers. For these reasons T&T has two laboratories:

  • ICT, works both in general and focalizing on specialized solutions. It provides its expertise design, development and management of systems and software services, with a high level of technical knowledge (object-oriented languages, data base design, software engineering, business modeling, service-oriented computing, middleware, in Systematic and web services.
  • System engineering, works in the transport fi eld, it deals with monitoring systems and trains control, architecture of automation systems in the automotive fi eld, systems reliability for aerospace sector.

T&T is engaged in several research and development projects in the production of safety critical system, in compliance with the standard CENELEC 50126-50128-50129, realizing these prototypes:

FPGA Automatic Development & Testing Platform

The platform allows to develop in automatic way the fi rmware of electronic control system based on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and to test automatically its integration in the hardware.

Experimental reliable system for the measurement of diagnostic parameters of contact line

The System permits to measure, with innovative contactless methodologies, the following parameters: distance between the iron and the plan, wear of the contact line, staggering of the contact line.

Innovative Head Checks Control System

The system allows to detect the track faults not detected by traditional methods.

Automatic GSM/GSM-R Speech Quality Evaluation System

This system allows to evaluate the quality of Voice Service in automated way during “Cab-Radio” communications, belonging to GSM/GSM-R type, between SSB and SST while the train is running, in order to characterize the reliability and security of communication “along track line”.

Automatic ERTMS/ETCS DMI Validator

The system allows to analyze in automated way the results of DMI (Driver Machine Interface) tests in high-speed trains that implement ERTMS/ ETCS specifi cations in compliance with UNISIG Standards.

T&T has presented important R&D projects, such as “Integrated System for Diagnostic & Maintenance Management of Railway Infrastructure” for the 7th Framework Program Call 7, “Maintenance Management of vehicle and asset of a TPL company” and “Enabling Technologies and Adaptive Automation Systems for factories custom” in D.M. 593/00 - industrial research (Ministry of University and Scientifi c Research). T&T has also participated, with important companies and/or forming a consortium with other SMEs, as part of the PON R&C 2007-2013, in the Technology Districts DIS.TEC.TRA and MERCURIO and in public-private DEMETRA and QUALIFER laboratories.

In international field T&T has started to ERRAC (European Rail Research Advisory Council) and ERA (European Railway Agency) the qualifi cation procedures required to participate in research projects and call for tender in collaboration with similar national and international organizations.