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CoLMeS is an infrastructure diagnostic system of the overhead contact line, usable on both twin lead and railway trolleye. It is used for contactless measurements of:

• height from rail platform

• shape wear

• displacement of the overhead contact lines.

• slope (on a base of 5/60 mt) of the overhead  contact lines. It can be used for:

• verification of the right installation of the  contact lines (during commissioning)

• maintenance preventive activities  (maintenance planning definition)

• maintenance corrective activities  (diagnosis of anomalies to be removed).

CoLMeS provides measures based on sampled signals using infrared line-scan technology. The elaboration is made using an embedded system based on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array).
CoLMeS determines the skid platform disposition where it is installed. Using proprietary algorithms, it compensates for the measurements of height, shape wear and displacement from the roll, pitch and yaw effects due to the dynamic of the motion vector used for the measurements.



CoLMeS has the following characteristics:
• 2D Video inspection of the overhead contact lines and of the rail track

• Measurement field (vertical) 4.3/6.1 m from rail platform 

• Measurement field (horizontal) ±500 mm from rail longitudinal axle

• Max speed: up to 60 Km/h

• Supply: 220 Vac – 24 Vdc

• Range: until 8 hours, using interchangeable batteries.

• Infrared lighting for night measurements

• Spatial resolutions of measures, with triggering on encoder base, up to 2 cm

• Spatial locationing on GPS/DGPS base, made absolute automatically respect to infrastructure elements

• Precise and continuous measures

• Wireless / wired connectivity, for a real-time access to the graphical representation of acquired data

• Web portal for consultation, validation and analysis of acquired data

• Making remote the graphical representation of the measures through web-app

• Automatic generation of reports of the observation points

• Statistical uncertainty of height measure <= 10 mm

• Statistical uncertainty of displacement measure <= 10 mm

• Statistical uncertainty of shape wear measure  <= 0,4 mm