Project Details



NeApolis (New Approaches for Internationalization) is an internationalization program that aims to plan the presence of the company T&T s.r.l. - Innovative SMEs from Campania with consolidated expertise and experience in the use of advanced technologies, especially in the railway sector - on an international scale through the creation of commercial networks abroad, specific marketing plans, the opening of a temporary office in Spain. Specifically, we intend to propose to the European market the innovative technology of a railway infrastructure diagnostics system of the contact line that can be used both on twin lead and railway trolley, that is CoLMeS (ContactLine MeasurementSystem). 

Main goals

Expanding the presence of the T&T company within the European area with an increase in its market share, marketing services and products in international contexts, starting new technological and commercial partnerships, increasing the corporate portfolio of customers.


Overall improvement of competitiveness at a global level, through entry into the German, French and Spanish markets, characterized by growing economic development. Growth of the company structure determined by the development of new commercial channels.

Executive summary

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