(New Approaches for Internationalisation) 

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NeApolis (New Approaches for Internationalization) is an internationalization program that aims to plan the presence of the company T&T s.r.l. - Innovative SMEs from Campania with consolidated expertise and experience in the use of advanced technologies, especially in the railway sector - on an international scale through the creation of commercial networks abroad, specific marketing plans, the opening of a temporary office in Spain. Specifically, we intend to propose to the European market the innovative technology of a railway infrastructure diagnostics system of the contact line that can be used both on twin lead and railway trolley, that is CoLMeS (ContactLine MeasurementSystem). 

Main goals

Expanding the presence of the T&T company within the European area with an increase in its market share, marketing services and products in international contexts, starting new technological and commercial partnerships, increasing the corporate portfolio of customers.


Overall improvement of competitiveness at a global level, through entry into the German, French and Spanish markets, characterized by growing economic development. Growth of the company structure determined by the development of new commercial channels.

Executive summary

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Activities carried out and objectives achieved

The NeApolis project, co-financed through the POR Campania FESR 2014-2020 aimed at increasing the company's presence at an international level and was developed following a design pattern divided and planned by type of intervention.

A first phase of specialist support, consisting of:

A second phase relating to the Communication Actions, which saw:

A third phase of temporary use of offices and / or exhibition halls abroad:

A fourth, more properly operational phase initially envisaged:

In light of the epidemiological emergency, the two interventions were carried out in the form of Webinars.

The development of a Marketing Plan for Internationalization led to the identification of the most appropriate penetration strategy to achieve the set objectives: the direct entry method gave the possibility to establish a direct relationship with the reference market of the countries identified targets, allowing greater control over market trends and greater stability in terms of operations and safety.

The legal advice relating to international contracts has made it possible to implement the aforementioned direct entry strategy, through collaboration with local representatives, potential customers and partners, and has seen a significant interlocutory activity aimed at developing and planning contractual platforms that can be shared with the subjects third parties.

The consultancy and related filing and protection of the corporate brand and products in the European Union has made it possible to register the trademarks of T&T and protect their intellectual property, having on the one hand fixed certain corporate identities of T&T and on the other hand protecting them through surveillance and control of similar marks in selected European clothing.

With regard to the Communication Actions, the creation of a new multilingual website and the adaptation of corporate information material to international markets proved very useful for promotional purposes. Corporate visibility has increased, as demonstrated by the positioning on the web and by the considerable number of subjects who visit the site daily.

The opening of the temporary office in Barcelona made it possible to use the spaces both as exhibition rooms with T&T material and samples and to organize specialized meetings with groups of companies, suppliers and private professionals and to establish contracts for the maintenance of sections of the local railway network. .

The incoming interventions of foreign operators and bilateral meetings / workshops and seminars have been remodeled and implemented as a virtual event in the form of webinars, as it is impossible to implement them in presence mode given the epidemiological situation from Covid-19 and the ministerial provisions in merit. The webinar carried out (January 22, 2021) saw the participation of numerous companies, which explored the technical and technological aspects of the CoLMeS system first and foremost and in general of T&T products and services, also paying great attention to the adaptability aspects of these products on international markets screened during the interactive videoconference.

Downstream of the project results, the NeApolis internationalization project and the strategies implemented with it have led to an enrichment both in terms of new contacts acquired and therefore new commercial opportunities, as it has allowed the establishment of new partnerships with companies of the target countries France, Spain and Germany; and company growth in terms of internal organization, mechanisms and decision-making skills in terms of channeling the available resources.