T&T actively

operate in the defense sector

Proposing high technology integrated solutions and services with dedicated and specialized resources for applications in the Cybersecurity, Radar Control, Radar Signal & Data Processing fields.

The company offers its specialized services both in consulting and in-house, regarding:


Security Auditing: Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Test (PT)

• Infrastructural and applicative VA/PT

• Wireless infrastructure PT (OSSTMM)

Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT)

• OWASP Guideline

Radar Applications:

Design and Development of Command & Control Consoles

• Solutions for high integrity and High-Performance computing requirements

• Advanced Software Verification Process (Time Verification Optimization, and Validation, Stack

Usage Analysis and Optimization, Code Standard Compliance Capability)

• Target detection and tracking action (MTI, MTD, Pulse-Doppler, Tracking Filter)

Design and Development of Digital Hardware for RADAR applications

• FPGA Based for Hard Real Time Signal & Data Processing (Sampling, Compression, FFT, FIR,

Kalman, EDGE Detection, Range/Doppler Computing)

• ADC Custom Front End with high sampling frequency/high dynamics optimized for Radar


• Qualification process of the Front End ADC with evaluation of dynamic parameters (SFDR,

SNR, SINAD, Noise Figures, THD, ENOB, H/f)

• MIL STD - 810 Compliance Capability