Product Details



VeSiS system allows to evaluate the quality of Voice Service in automated way during “Cab-Radio”  communications - GSM/GSM-R type (Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway) - between SSB (On-board Subsystem) and SST (On-track Subsystem) while the train is running, in order to characterize the reliability and security of the communication between Driving Staff and Wayside Staff during emergency or service calls. 

Quality of Voice Service is determined by the use of objective parameters of auditory perception (MOS-PESQ, Mean Opinion Score-Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) as required by standards of the Telecommunications sector (ITU, International Telecommunication Union).

VeSiS, in its basic configuration, consists of three modules: Mobile On-Board Transmitter Scanner (can also be powered by battery), Earth Receiver, Post Processing Apparatus/Consultation/Advance Data Analysis.

At the same time, a command and control console, a broadband scanner, environmental monitoring sensors, and a GPS satellite localization system - integrated in the mobile transmitter - allow to:

• Configure in a simplified way the voice quality test scenarios, and integrate further measured parameters: LAC (Location Area Code), BSIC (Base Station Indentity Code), CId (Cell Identifier), MNC (Mobile Network Code), TA (Time Advance), Layer 3 Message

• Measure the spectrum and detect in-band interferents, proximity interferences and activities in UpLink

• Detect the weather conditions found during the measurement phase

• Georeference all the measured parameters